Here are the ways I could help you with your Business:

  • I will help you start, run, buy, and sell your business.
  • I will consult with you to help create your business, and teach you how to maintain it in good standing.
  • I will help you understand the laws governing your employees, create clear standard agreements with employees and an employee handbook, and teach you when you can legitimately use independent contractors.
  • I will help you prepare standard contracts that protect your business, help you get paid, and establish the high-quality relationships that result in satisfied customers/clients.
  • I will help you buy, refinance, or sell your commercial real estate.
  • I will help you understand and negotiate leases, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.
  • I will help you negotiate deals and work out solutions to difficult situations. I strongly believe that "win-win" is by far the best end result and I am good at helping people get there.

Standard Packages

Business Formation Package ($800.00)

Once you've decided on the form of your business, I will create it for you. The package includes all the documents required to be filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all of the initial, internal documents you need, along with a thorough explanation of how to maintain your business form. My fixed fee is for my legal services and does not include any fees which must be paid to the Commonwealth, your Town or City, or another governmental agency.

Note: This package assumes that your business structure is pretty standard for a small business. If you have a complex situation involving multiple investors or complex relationships, you will need my customized consulting services.

Mechanics Lien Package ($500.00)

If your business provides services relating to the erection, alteration, repair, or removal of buildings, structures, or other improvements to real property or the furnishing of materials, rental equipment, appliances, or tools for such work, you need to know how to use the Mechanic's Lien process to assure that you will be paid reasonably quickly. This package includes all the documents necessary to create a lien on the land owner's property which starts the mechanic's lien process and my explanation of how and when to use it.

Home Improvement Contractor Package ($800.00)

Home improvement contractors are covered by a very specific law which requires that the contractors be licensed and that they use written contracts which have very specific provisions. This is a law that is easy to violate if you are not paying attention. My package includes a standard contract and all of the related forms, as well as the Mechanics Lien Package.