Non-Profit Organizations

Here are the ways I could help you with your non-profit organization:

  • I will help you start, run, transfer control of, and terminate your non-profit organization.
  • If your organization qualifies for one of the multiple categories of tax-exempt status, I will help you get that status.
  • I will help you understand how to properly engage in "business activity" as a non-profit as a way of supporting your non-profit purposes and activities. Yes, non-profits can make money!
  • I will help you understand the laws governing your employees, create clear standard agreements with employees and an employee handbook, and teach you when you can legitimately use independent contractors.
  • I will help you prepare standard contracts and agreements that protect your organization, help you get paid, and establish high-quality relationships with your stakeholders.
  • I will help you buy, refinance, or sell your organization's commercial real estate.
  • If your organization qualifies, I will help you obtain exemption from local property taxes.
  • I will help you understand and negotiate leases, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.
  • I will help you negotiate deals and work out solutions to difficult situations.
  • I strongly believe that "win-win" is by far the best end result and I am good at helping people get there.

Standard Package

An organization which wishes to be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code needs to have purposes and activities which will be exclusively charitable, educational, scientific, and/or literary. I will create your non-profit corporation and prepare your application for tax-exempt status. This package price assumes that the preparation work for your project is reasonably "normal." Any work I need to do beyond the "ordinary" will be charged at my normal hourly rate of $250.00/hour. Any post-application work I do with the IRS to assist them to process your application will be charged at my normal hourly rate. My legal charges do not include the fees required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the IRS.

The Geographical Area I Serve

Most of my non-profit clients are located in Franklin and Hampshire Counties of Massachusetts. I do, however, work with organizations located all around the Commonwealth. In addition, I will help non-profit organizations in any state apply for tax-exempt status with the IRS.